Some Helpful FAQ's

Get the answers you need now regarding your new kitchen and the services we offer. A newly designed fitted kitchen raises many questions and we want to help answer those to allow you to make an informed decision.

These are a list of frequently asked questions from our customers that you may find useful...

  • How can I get a free design?

    There are 3 ways that you can do this.

    1. I can visit you in your home and design your kitchen with you.

    2. You can telephone me and tell your kitchen measurements. I can then ask you a few simple questions which will allow me workout a design and quote.

    3. Contact me via email with the size of you kitchen and your choice of door and I can workout a design and quote for your kitchen.

  • How can you supply luxury kitchens at such low prices?

    By not having an expensive showroom and sales designers mean I can work on small margins. You are not paying for the rent/rates, heat/lights and commissions like you would with other kitchen companies

  • Can you make special units?

    Basically, if I can draw a special unit I can make it. Just beware that doors sizes are normally standard. However, I have a few door ranges that can be made to any size.

  • Can I just buy doors for my existing kitchen?

    Certainly, this is an excellent way of modernising a good quality kitchen that is just out of date. I will just ask you to measure some of your existing doors so I can work out which door ranges are available for you.

  • Can I see a sample of the door I choose?

    Yes, I can arrange for a door of your choice to be sent to you.

  • Can I see a completed kitchen?

    Most certainly: having provided kitchens locally for the past 30 years means I have many happy customers who would be happy to let you see their kitchens.

  • Do you supply appliances and sink/taps?

    Yes, everything you need to complete a kitchen.

  • Does you quote include delivery?

    Yes all out kitchens are delivered to suit your convenience

  • Can I install the kitchen myself?

    Yes. Because our kitchens are ready assembled this is easier to do than most other kitchen companies. We can also do an assisted fit, where I can just fit the worktops for you.

  • How long is your delivery time.

    Normally 3 to 5 weeks. But in urgent cases the kitchen can be delivered within a week. This would depend on the appliances chosen, as some manufacturers run out of stock for a few weeks. Also, the time of the year makes a difference IE: The week before Christmas is not a good time to ask for delivery in a week.

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