Your New Kitchen: What You Need To Know

Your New Kitchen

Whether you are a veteran designer, or this is your first kitchen transformation, there is no denying that there can be a lot to consider. From changing the layout to opening up the space, choosing from the very best kitchen fronts uk – visit our online shop for a wealth of options – to remembering the little details, there is plenty to keep you busy.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, read on for our ultimate guide, and see how you could be sitting in your dream kitchen in next to no time!

Your Aims

Considering your aims is one of the most important aspects of upgrading your kitchen, and this needs to be your starting point. What is it that you are looking for? Do you want to rip out everything and start again, or can you achieve the same result with just a few changes to the existing material? What will you be using the space for – are you an ardent entertainer, or will this become an important family room? What does your budget look like, and how much room do you have inside this? By understanding why you are transforming the kitchen, you can get clear on your goals, aims and intentions.

Your Style

Once you know why you are changing and what you want, it is time to consider what the dream kitchen looks like for you. If you will be changing the layout, make sure you take little time to decide the most beneficial new look for your family – if you are a keen cook for example, it makes sense to have plenty of storage near the oven. If the kitchen is a space for socializing, perhaps consider installing plenty of seating and open space to ensure that your guests are comfortable.


In addition to layout, you will also need to consider the ‘mood’ you are going for – contemporary, classic, or a combination of the two? This decision will influence the types of kitchen cabinets you opt for, and this is one element which can really make or break the feel of a room. As a rule, handleless high gloss looks tend to offer a more modern, contemporary vibe, while shaker style kitchens are more classic and traditional. Once again, this decision will be determined by your aspirations for the space, what your dream looks like, and your budget.

Your Colour Palette

The colour of your kitchen is also a significant factor, and will be determined by your preferences. Light, bright colours can be amazing for opening up a space and bringing light and air to the room, while darker colours offer a cozy, intimate feel – and can also be amazing for making a strong, bold statement which ensures that your kitchen is talk of the town for all the right reasons!


Take plenty of time to compare shades and colours – this is a base around which the rest of the look can be built, so it is worth making sure you are totally happy.

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